Horizon – User GPOs not applied until 2nd/3rd login

Hello All,

Specifications: Horizon 7.10 Linked Clone Windows 10 (version 1809) desktop pool

After having done some research I think this is “normal” behavior for group policy processing, but something we want to work around nonetheless.

After removing a user’s profile – their user GPOs are not being applied until their 2nd or 3rd login. What I’ve read leads me to believe this is due to user policies being pulled after login, but unable to be applied until next login.

We have tried:

* Setting group policy slow link detection to 0kbps (disabled)
* Setting “Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon”
* Adding a “gpupdate /force” as a post-synchronization script (did not have high hopes for this one as it’s user context GPOs that are the problem)

Is there any way we can force our user GPOs to be applied before login for users, or do we have to instruct everyone to log in and out a couple times to seed in their settings?

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  1. A gpupdate /force won’t do anything as part of a post synchronization script. User policies are applied at user login because users can have different policies depending on the OU that the account is in.

    How they are applied to a new profile depends on what is being applied. Most policies in the Administrative Templates section should apply immediate. However, some other group policy objects, like folder redirection and some preferences, may require a logout and log in to apply.

    Which policies are being applied in your User GPOs?

  2. I personally have use post-sync script to reboot the system to work around the GPO not applying timely issue but I think you have some other issues going on. What do you see in Windows Event log? Do you have a bad entry in the DNS so that it is getting a wrong/bad logon server?

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