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vCSA 6.5 build 9451637

View Connection 7.5.2 (Windows Server 2016) (In Progress)

View Composer 7.5.2 (Windows Server 2016) (Installed Successfully), (OBDC DB Connection setup successfully; tested successfully, using

SQL Native Client 2012 driver)

SQL 2016 (Windows Server 2016) (Installed successfully, created Composer DB and Security Login)


Need some help; attempting to install View Connection 7.5.2; everything goes well until Status: “Adding AD LDS server role”. The installation does not move forward until it times out; then the wizard begins to roll back actions.


After checking the Event Viewer it states: Product VMware Horizon 7 Connection Server — Error 28018. There was an error creating a Microsoft Directory Services instance. “The wizard could not access the registry. Error code 0x80070005Access is denied.’ For further information, please check withe Microsoft ADAM setup log (adamsetup.log) in the Windows Debug folder.

After reviewing the adamsetup.log and searching for “failed” I see the following.


adamsetup 558.1E8C 03EC 14:04:17.727 ADAMERR_CORE_INSTALL_FAILED

adamsetup 558.1E8C 034F 14:04:17.553 ADAMERR_CORE_INSTALL_FAILED

adamsetup 558.1E8C 034F 14:04:17.553 The wizard could not access the registry

Error code: 0x80070005

Access is denied


I am using a service account that has full administrative access this member server.


Can anyone point me in the right direction to resolve this?


Note: I did have the following issue earlier but I resolved it


“The trust relationship between this workstation and primary domain failed”


Not sure if this is related.

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