Horizon View 7 – USB & Client Drive Redirection issues when using Security Server and PCoIP Secure gateway

Hello all,

First off, a little explanation because this is a rather specific setup. I am working for a customer, a local Police Zone, which has two networks which are strictly seperated for security reasons.

One is a private network with no internet access at all where all the police applications are hosted, the other network is just a network with internet access.

They use the Horizon Client in the private network to connect to internet VDIs.

I’m facing a problem with USB Redirection & Client Drive Redirection. If I only select the “PCoIP Secure Gateway” under Connection Server settings I can just use the NAT’d IP of the Security server to connect to with the client. My VDI session opens up fine but USB Redirection and Client Drive Redirection are not working.

I have checked the checked the network ports flow in the Horizon Documentation and there I can see:

– Horizon Client flows to Horizon Tunnel (Security Server )over 443/TCP

– Horizon Tunnel ( Security Server ) flows to Horizon Agent over 32111/TCP & 9427/TCP


If I activate the HTTPS secure tunnel aswell under Connection Server settings, USB Redirection and Client Drive Redirection are working but the problem is I get “Could not resolve hostname” errors when trying to connect to the NAT’d IP of the Security Server because this requires DNS resolving.


I can work around this by adding an entry to the hosts file on the client. But that would mean I would have to do this for all the PCs with clients.

Is there any way to work around this?



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