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I am unsure if this has been addressed before–if so I was not able to find much on the topic.


I am deploying new parent images with Windows 10 1809 to get us off our current Win7 environment. As part of our development process we are trying to get our logon times down. Currently using Persona with a decent sized profile, we are seeing logon reach about 1min plus some change. This is about a 30 second increase from the current logon time in our Win7 Production environment.


Onto the issue…..we have installed Horizon agent 7.7 on the parent image and enabled the Horizon View Logon Monitor service(the Logon monitor in bundled into the agent after version 7.5 I believe). However, after casting this image out to a test pool, the logs (located: C:ProgramDataVMwareVMware Logon MonitorLogs)are not showing almost any of the information that is promised in this article. It is mostly just gibberish in the main log, and the session log file itself is just MIA.


Has the Logon Monitor been deprecated? Or is it no longer being supported?


It seems like a tool that would be very useful to have when troubleshooting the logon time issues, without it we are flying blind trying to determine where the issues may be.

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