Horizon View – Run Windows Update after Optimisation Tool

I am banging my head a bit here. Have ran optimisation tool previously on base image. Just doing some maintenance, get updates ran and such before a new provision. For life of me cannot get Windows Update to run the Settings > Windows Update button is greyed out and states “Some settings are managed by your organization”.

I have tried deleting SetDisableUXWUAccess and NoAutoUpdates registry items completely, rebooting and left 20 minutes no change.

Confirmed definitely no local or domain policy applied setting this.

Windows Update service is running.

Am running Windows 10 LTSB. What am I missing here?

As stated say here: [https://www.reddit.com/r/vmware/comments/9fnbs2/horizon_os_optimizer_how_can_you_turn_windows_10/](https://www.reddit.com/r/vmware/comments/9fnbs2/horizon_os_optimizer_how_can_you_turn_windows_10/) it seems things are being set by the optimisation tool that are not documented.

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  1. I believe it’s the local policy called Configure Automatic Updates. It needs to be set to Allow local admin to choose setting (option 5).

    If that doesn’t solve the problem, there’s more to it than that.

  2. I had this exact issue when using the default template on a 2016 server. I gave up and used the WindowsServer 2016 – LoginVSI.com – VDILIKEAPRO template instead with the following modifications:

    Remove the following Steps:

    Apply HKLM Settings
    – Windows Update – Disable

    Disabled Services
    – Windows Update

    I know you are using Win10, but I hope this helps

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