Horizon web access lost

We’ve had a Horizon server up since March with no issues and after patching Windows and rebooting last night it’s completely inaccessible now.

Nothing is listening on port 443 with netstat -ano either.

Services are all running, been rebooted many times. Web Components process eats up processor for a while on every restart then settles down.

I’ve tried the locked.properties file fix as well.

It’s an all in one deal, simple install, one server, no UAG. It just brokers connections to a few physical systems. cert is good through 2022 as well according to the mmc certificates snap in.

Any suggestions on where to even start looking?

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  1. Shutdown the connection server. Take a snapshot.

    Boot it up.

    Remove VMware Tools. Reboot.

    Install the latest version of VMware Tools. Reboot.

    If that doesn’t fix the problem, the next step would be to reinstall the connection server software.

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