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Wow, this is a deep deep architecture discussion 🙂

Briefly, you could allow the VM to roam with the end-users so that they only have a long log in for the first time during their shift.  If you choose to do that you could auto logoff the VM after they are disconnected for several minutes or hours, whatever fits your scenario. 


What we do is auto login from our Wyse thin clients into the VM with a generic AD account, then once logged into windows the desktop locks with Imprivata.  When an end-user taps their prox card on the prox reader connected to the thin client it unlocks the VM and Imprivata does its thing to give the user their access and expected experience.  That’s a big infrastructure discussion, not to mention lots of planning.


If you’re experiencing those long login times and simply want to streamline what you have already you might want to evaluate your GPOs (if any).  Check this blog entry out if you haven’t seen it already: Recommended configuration for VDI desktops | Microsoft Docs

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