Host Profile Compliance Issues

We got new UCS M5 blades, and therefore need to create new host profiles for this new gen.
We do have the profile completed by building one host, then extract host profile.
I had to make a change, because I had Active/Standby NIC ordering wrong for one of the vSwitches. Made the change on the host, validated it resolved the issues, then “Copy Settings from Host” on the Host Profile.
Since doing that simple re-ordering, I cannot get the 2nd M5 host to get in compliance with the Host Profile. I have validated the NIC ordering is correct on both hosts. I am unable to find any difference; except *maybe* the ordering of the vSwitches.
The Not Compliant Error is… next to useless.
Setting Name: “com.vmware.vim.profile.Component.StandardNetworkSetting.label”
Description: “com.vmware.vim.profile.ComplianceFailure.VSwitch.NetworkPolicyNotMatching.label”

We have 8 vSwitches. How can I find more detail/information/usable detail on the compliance failure?
I have attempted remediation 4+ times now. Remediation always reports success, but subsequent Check Compliance task comes back the same; not compliant. I even removed all the vSwitches I could, remediate again, but still the same issue.

Also looking through the host profile; I cannot find that setting (name) as part of the host profile. The details even show that the host value is empty and the host profile value is empty, yet it’s not compliant.

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  1. Well it turns out that, somehow, the standard/default “VM Network” portgroup got recreated and put on the Management vSwitch on both hosts. It seems that this portgroup was causing the non-compliance. I had checked the source host for compliance and it too then became non-compliant.
    After deleting that erroneous portgroup, both hosts are now compliant again.

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