How can I change the NIC type in an OVA?

I’ve got an eval of Cisco’s CSR1000v (virtual router) that I’m trying to deploy in a new 6.7 U3 lab environment.

When I’m trying to deploy the OVA, it’s giving me an error:

Issues detected with selected template. Details: – 170:7:VALUE_ILLEGAL: Value ”VMXNET3 virtio” of ResourceSubType element not found in [VmxNet3, E1000, E1000E].

I found a bug on Cisco’s Bugtracker and am including a screenshot below because it requires a login:


The problem is, I’ve downloaded cot on a debian VM using pip, but am getting an error message there and don’t know how to get past it: https://imgur.com/9wzIeLt

Any suggestions on how I can update the OVA to use the VmxNet3 nic?

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  1. You can extract your OVA. OVA is nothing more than a tar file

    It should contain your ovf, disk file(s) and manifest

    You can edit the ovf file to change a “VMXNET3 virtio” to VmxNet3
    It should be wrapped in a rasd:ResourceSubType as such :


    Last, you will need to update the checksum in the mf file.

    See here for a breakdown of the procedure:

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