How can I prepare a VM for bare metal installation?

Since Windows 7 EoS is near, I want to change my Workstation’s OS from Windows 7 to Debian.

My problem is that my Workstation is a laptop and changing the HDD is kinda hard. I don’t want to format, clean install Debian and start building it again.

I’d like to clean install on a VM, make all the modifications I need, and then mirror the VM as normal OS on my drive. Now I know that installing Debain on VM will install virtual drivers and anything else that’s necessary so the VM can run properly.

Since mirroring all of this to the HDD won’t work, how can I fully install the necessary drivers and anything else needed for the OS to run perfectly on my hardware, so as soon as I mirror it will run with no problem? Is this possible or I should clean install on a second SSD and then swap the drives?

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  1. I would take the opposite approach. Convert your existing physical Windows OS to a VM and store it on a spare drive/usb drive/nas. Format and install your target OS (Debian in your case), install workstation and copy your Windows 7 VM back to your new Debian workstation. You can still get at anything you need while you work to get your new Debian install up to snuff.

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