How do I backup the ESXi configuration?

Hello I’ve built my first ESXi host and it seems to be running ok. I will be buying a second host at some point and using vcentre. To build the second host I will boot from USB and install like I did with the first one, but how do I copy all the settings and network configurations etc over or do you build from scratch?


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  1. Get vcenter installed and configured on your single host. Then you can look into “host profiles”. Host profiles are basically a template you build that can be used to deploy your hosts. Then you’ll just do a basic install of your second host, give it a name and IP address, then add it to your vcenter and apply your host profile.

  2. Be certain to test restore. I’ve been backing up my configuration using the CLI for years. When it came time to restore I got “Error”.

    Rebuilding the machine took an hour, and I had documented the settings, IP Addresses, and I had other machines in my cluster to use as a guide, but I was expecting restore to be easy.

    Host Profiles are Enterprise Plus I believe. Make sure you have the proper license for that feature.

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