How do i close VMWare workstation services running in background?

Today i had a conflict with xampp and vmware that i have already resolved but i’d like to avoid this in the future

There are a bunch of processes running while i’m not using the workstation, even though they are not heavy themselves it bugs me that i can’t get them to close without killing them on the task manager.

So, as the title says, how do i close VMware manager for good, without having it run in the background? i’ve tried looking online but couldn’t find anything except how to run vms in the background and there doesn’t seem anything in preferences to do so…

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  1. Most of these services are networking related. Like determining the best network to bridge to, running DHCP, and so on. They are left running for proper networking.

  2. Open Administrative Tools -> Services and stop the services starting with “VMware”. You can also set them to Manual startup to prevent them from autostarting, but of course you then need to start them manually again before using Workstation.

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