How do I make my Windows 10 Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation installed on a Windows 10 laptop recognize and use the camera in my laptop?

What the title says. As of now if I try to use the camera app in the VM, it shows an error and fails to launch.

I understand that maybe I need to add a camera in the hardware settings, but it doesn’t show any camera when i try to add a camera.

What am i doing wrong?

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  1. In the VM, Right click the icon > update vmware tools. In the host (laptop) go to the manufacturers website and snag the latest driver and install that. Most likely the VM is using USB passthrough for the cam. Click the VM option tab in workstation and look for connect removable devices (ie flash drive, etc..). The cam SHOULD show in the list. Click the cam, that should allow the USB passthrough, and the cam should be available in the VM.

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