How do I set my VM to have a static IP address AND run a vpn on it?

I’m sure this is something basic but I’ve searched and searched and can’t find anything (probably because I’m not searching for the proper thing, but I dunno).

My host machine is Win10 64bit and I have Linux Mint running in a vm. Everything is running perfect. I have PIA installed and running, qbittorrent installed and running. php/mysql installed and running. I’m trying to do some last little tweaks and so, to use this as a dev box for php, it would be ideal if the IP address wouldn’t change.

When I go in and change it to have a static IP, then I lose the internet connection completely. PIA won’t connect, etc.

I know I’m doing something wrong but it’s hard to search for this because the only results I get aren’t specific enough for my use case. Plenty on setting static IPs, but that’s not the issue really 🙂

any ideas or guidance would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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