How do i Vlan tag a VM? I need the vm’s to be on the same tag as the host. The hosts are tagged but not vm’s yet.

Thanks for the help! Ive been trying to find a good video but i cant find one!

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  1. The easiest way is to just attach the VM to a tagged portgroup.

    In other words, create a tagged portgroup with the same VLAN your hosts use on your virtual switch, and just attach the VM to it. The VM send untagged traffic but youll be communicating on the same VLAN as the hosts.

  2. Three options come to mind.

    1. Tag the whole portgroup the VMs are plugged into.
    2. Tag the port individually for each VM.
    3. Allow trunking on the portgroup, and assign the VLAN inside the guest OS.

    Time and place for each of the options.

  3. In my experience, don’t worry about the VM itself, apply the tagging to the host virtual network adapter itself, then make sure the VM is using that adapter.

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