How do you lock PcoIP (PcoIP only, not Blast) connections upon predetermined idle time?

Looking for a way to force a session on a zero client to lock upon idle time met. Want to lock the terminal at 15 minutes but only on PcoIP sessions, not Blast. Then when reconnecting, rejoin the session.

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  1. Use UEM / DEM and create an ADMX Policy called “PCoIP Session timeout”. In here, set your 15 minute timeout policy. Under “Conditions”, add ‘Remote Display Protocol’ and choose PCoIP.

    Good Luck!

  2. Do you want to lock the session or disconnect the session? If you’re simply trying to lock the session, just use the builtin Windows screensaver functions. If you want to disconnect a VDI session based on idle timeout, bad news it’s not built into Horizon anywhere, but VMware has told me it’s coming in a release soon.

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