How hot-add works? Like actual works

Hi everyone, i searched the Internet try to find how actually hot-add works? By that i mean not options and configuration, no, i mean the underlying technology, how you can change the CPU and the RAM while the VM is running without crash it and what make me spending around how it detect it and its still live. Coz ok i know that the roles of the real world doesn’t apply on the Virtualization word but this also destroys the concept i know of how the OS works.

Can anyone help me by explaining how it works under the hood, i don’t want to know more about the how the enable it, i need to understand the underhood technology

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  1. Ready to blow your mind? Many physical servers support hot-add as well for both RAM and CPU. It’s just baked into the design/spec. Not a whole lot different than inserting a USB device. The OS is told new hardware is available, some PCIe init stuff happens, and now you’ve got more compute/RAM.

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