How is this possible? I can't get… or even buy 32 bit vddk!!!

Hello Folks,


I am a seldom user of vmWare products, I admit. Recently, I decided to make a vm with my old vmWare player (3.1.xxxxxxxx).

Why that old player? I have it on all of my backups, and the machines I use daily.


I have many 64 bit computers, I just don’t like to use them. I am a diehard Windows XP user. It’s what I enjoy.

So despite the fact I am trying to build a vm that has no vmWare Tools for the guest environment, I plowed

ahead and have built it.


I would like to edit the important files, from my host machine, and I need to have a program DiskMount. I see it is available

in the vddk package. But all I can get are 64 bit versions.


I need the 32 bit version.



Thank You

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