How to check which updates will be installed on ESXi host using VUM within vCSA 6.7U3?

Hi everyone,

Probably a really really easy question, but I cannot for the life of me figure out where/how to see this! I recently built out a new vCSA to get rid of our old Windows vCenter instance, attached our six hosts to the new vCSA and have updated them all from 6.0 to 6.7U3. Now, as I’m trying to check compliance on a host against **Critical and Non-Critical Host Patches**, I see that Critical is Incompatible (I won’t get into now) and Non-Critical is **Non-Compliant** with **3 patches**.

I can simply select the Non-Critical Baseline and select Remediate, but like Windows patching I would like to know what I am installing in case, say it causes a problem based on the hardware the host is built on. Is there a way I can check compliance, then see the 3 patches themselves to see what will be installed on the host? Thanks!

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  1. -click on the host you want to patch and go to updates

    -click on a single one of the baselines in the host

    -actually click on stage or remediate

    -the next screen will show you what will actually be patched…second section.

    -you can choose to cancel the patching at this point as you now have the info of what exactly will be patched

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