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How to make a working Mesa Gallium-3d for vm SVGA driver on Fedora 31 guest


I’m not a GL hardware driver developing guy although known some programming knowledge(im actually a developer for windows environment only).

Recently I found that either the vmtools the vmware-workstation provided or the svga driver the open-vm-tools took with which offered by Fedora 31 won’t accelerate 3d(only have direct rendering acceleration) so i decided to replace it with the ‘Gallium-3d on SVGA’.

There are many problems i have encountered. First is the instruction on [ https://www.mesa3d.org/vmware-guest.html ] are too general to use so i had to download the working package manually from the mesa’s git-braches. the Master branch(es), especially for mesa, won’t be compiled at the moment when i made git clone of. Second is that the instruction for building Mesa is nearly useless at all. I had to open its option file with an text viewer and make a meson command line available for me based on it. I feed the dri3 with ‘auto’ and disabled the avxs/vulkan/OSMesa/dri-drivers (the version of Mesa i picked up is 19.2.0, which is the same with one the Fedora 31 currently used) and after building and installing and reboot, I couldn’t even start the Fedora again(couldn’t see the logon screen). Then i restored the snap and tried again and traced the execution and found that there is a driver function report that no appropriate image format(for screen-output?) can be used or something…

Third is that the xf86-video-vmware and the vmwgfx. xvv both have compiling issue, and vmwgfx is too old, linux kernel library changed causes I can’t build them, but now i can’t figure out the Mesa issues and hasn’t a chance to try those two yet.


I’ve tried on the VMware workstation 12 and 15.5 and both works the same. The host is win10 with an nvidia video card.

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