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I use VMWare Workstation 15.5.x on a Windows 10 host for virtual machines in preference to Hyper-V.  I have enabled Hyper-V and containers in a Windows 10 guest (by virtualising Intel VT-x/EPT) so that I try out Docker in the virtual machine.


Hyper-V installs a virtual network switch (vEthernet).  When this switch is enabled it seems to take preference to the guests vmnet8 NAT adapter and so communication beyond the guest is not possible.


The “metric” value on the VMWare emulated ethernet adapter is way lower than that on the Hyper-V virtual network switch.


vmnet8 (NAT) is using DHCP.  Virtual switch is using a fixed address in a different range.


vmnet8 (NAT) works straight away if the Hyper-V virtual network switch is disabled.


The option on the Hyper-V virtual network switch to change from “internal network” to “external network”.  I’m guess I can remove it and create a new one, but I expected the switch should be for Hyper-V virtual machines or containers only and should not impede the virtual machines normal networking.


Is it the expectation that the Hyper-V virtual network switch (default switch) automatically becomes the manager for all network traffic on it’s on host (which in this case is, a VMWare gues

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