I can’t access most internet pages on my Windows XP VM

I’m reading “Penetration Testing, a ha dos on introduction to Hacking” and one of the things you do is setting up a couple of vms. I downloaded the Windows iso from the internet and got lucky with a random key but the problem is that internet explorer only lets me access some pages like google or bing but displays a “page cannot be displayed” message. I’m using bridged connection. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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  1. Use another browser, Chrome, Firefox or Opera.
    Most websites are https only and have dropped support for legacy ciphers such as 3DES, sha1 SSL cert and TLS 1.0.

  2. Can you use Windows 7 instead? Windows 7 is actually still supported for another 2 weeks. Anything that is still running XP will have a hardware failure soon enough if it isn’t tossed in the garbage first.

  3. I don’t believe XP supports TLS 1.2 so you won’t be able to access sites that use modern SSL security. The last version of Firefox for XP might work, but IE definitely will not.

  4. Why the eff would you use XP in this day and age for anything, unless you’re Vladimir Putin?

    It’s not supported, patched or remotely safe to take anywhere near the Internet.

    It’s an introduction to hacking alright, when it gets hacked and taken over within moments of being connected to the Internet.

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