I didn’t get the job I wanted because of nVidia…

…or rather lack of nVidia experience with Horizon

It would have been a great job.

I have two ESXi 7.0 hosts. What is the least expensive way to learn nVidia on Horizon desktops?

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  1. Get a used K1 or K2 and run through the vGPU stack install. I think you can install the Nvidia driver stack and control software in trial mode, but else you need a key/licensing server for it to work. Since this is labing you might have luck with VMUG keys (200/year).

  2. NVIDIA Experience ? I’ve had the full Horizon courses/training, I mean there isn’t that much really, main thing is the use of NVIDIA GRID?

  3. managing grid is not that complicated. they turned you down because you haven’t installed some windows drivers and vibs and a license manager. hands on labs, testdrive, youtube, etc. nvidia is tough to homelab on a budget. k1, k2 cards are old and don’t support latest esxi but you can probably run it on 6.0 something or even 6.5 maybe. the issue is getting access to the vib and drivers.

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