I feel dumb, where is the DVS Load Balancing Override hiding on H5 UI?

Was trying to help someone with their iSCSI setup.
They have 2 VLANs for iSCSI per their storage vendor best practices.

We want vnmicX mapped to only VLAN X
And then vmniY mapped to VLAN Y

This environment has both vmnicX and vmnicY on the same Distributed vSwitch.

For the life of me I can’t find the spot to override the vSwitch level settings for the Active/Standby/Unused.
We can find the current settings and screens that LOOK like they can change it, but the arrows to move up/down are never there.


I read several VMware Docs and where it says they are, they aren’t.
Like it says to Double Click on something and that does nothing in H5 on that particular screen.

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