I have never seen a working VM with a snapshot chain this long until today… WOW!

I have never seen a working VM with a snapshot chain this long until today… WOW!

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  1. I had one at work that was about 2 dozen long, maybe more. Boss wouldn’t let use delete the old ones because he was scared it would mess something up.

    Then a co-worker of mine re composed our entire work force to an image that was well over a year old, at 9 AM Monday morning (he was supposed to just recompose 1 person). Ended up with 2 hours downtime essentially.

    He lost that ability and we now only keep I think 4 images back at any given time

  2. There used to be a bug in Veeam where it wouldn’t delete previous snapshots. I can’t remember the story as it was before my time at a former employer but essentially it filled up the DS and took down a DC or two. Wasn’t a good situation.

  3. I saw multiple cases like that where Veeam wouldn’t delete old snapshots. It would be a good idea to set some alarms or monitor the amount of snapshots if you’re using a snapshot based backup solution

  4. A client we picked up from a terrible MSP in our area had a scenario where a backup appliance didn’t have enough space to consolidate after a job finished, marked the backup as failed, then retried over and over again and the LUN was set to grow automatically on the back-end, but due to a low growth size (like 5GB), the backup would eat up the extra space until the disk aggregate ran out of space. This happened for 2 years unmonitored. A 300GB VM became 8TB in size and the SAN it was connected to ran out of space. It took upgrading the SAN and 2 weeks to consolidate because of the lack of backups, none of them were valid due to the revolving failures.

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