I must be stupid or something…

I’m trying to download the “VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi ISO) image (Includes VMware Tools)”, and I don’t get a download starting when I click the link. I don’t seem to be able to download anything from VMWare. This has been more than 2 days and I have disabled my PiHole when trying, just in case they are getting blocked…

Is anyone else seeing this? Am I missing something?

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  1. Are you running non-standard DNS?

    I noticed when running PiHole and some adblockers – I would get that exact experience.

    Had to set DNS manually and then turn off ad blockers.

    And I forget every time I got back to grab an iso for something.

  2. I have this issue if in behind a PiHole, but I don’t get any blocks in the log. If I set DNS to or I am typically able to download.

    But yes, I had this issue yesterday.

  3. I read the title and thought- when did I make a post? Then continued to read post and realized it definitely wasn’t me. You’re way smarter than I. Nothing further.

  4. # Follow up

    * So, I tried using just firefox, no go.

    I switched to []( for my DNS set directly on my client:

    * Tried with Chrome, no go.
    * tried with Firefox, GO.

    I switched back to using PiHole but with []( as the forwarder:

    * Chrome, no go.
    * Firefox, no go.

    I looked at the log for PiHole and every time I reload the download page there are 4 blocks on PiHole.

    * [api.demandbase.com](https://api.demandbase.com)
    * [d.adroll.com](https://d.adroll.com)
    * [tags.tiqcdn.com](https://tags.tiqcdn.com)
    * [l.betrad.com](https://l.betrad.com)

    Additionally, it seems that VMWare isn’t allowing Chrome period.


    1. Disable PiHole (5:00)
    2. Use FireFox.
    3. Reload the download page.
    4. Click links.

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