i7-9750H (6 Core-12 Thread) How to get the best performance for macOS Catalina on VMware?



8GB Ram


I installed VMware tool. I still have lag issue. How should my processor settings be?

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  1. macOS does not support GPU passthrough from virtualization. It also does not support Nvidia GPUs on any version later than High Sierra, and Nvidia GPUs newer than the 10 series may not work at all.

    Not having 3D acceleration would cause a lot of the issues you’re seeing and are common with macOS VMs.

  2. Honestly, anything that requires a GPU runs like garbage as a guest VM. Unfortunately, pretty much any menial task that’s manually performed requires GPU. Whether it’s on a Mac or not, I’m sure it runs terribly. We have two garbage cans in our racks at work, stuff still runs like garbage. But hey, it runs.

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