I’m out of my league. ESX 4 VM will not boot missing file.

Due to not having their normal power my host machines are plugged into a temporary power. I came in this morning and my temp power was unplugged from the UPS. My host were power dropped.

After reconnecting power this is the scenario. My database VM was inaccessible. So I removed it from the inventory and re-added it. Now it’s accessible. Go to power on my VM and it errors with Cannot open the disk ‘/vmfs/volumes/4a365b5d-eceda119-439b-000cfc0086f3/examplevm/examplevm-000004.vmdk’ or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.”

I look at my snapshot manager and all the snapshots are gone.

To get the server on I delete the virtual hard disk and re-add it using the existing disk “examplevm.vmdk”. It boots up fine but I can’t log in. I used a bootable disc to swap windows accessibility tool for cmd and used net user to reset the local password.

Once in I discover that the data is 6 months old. As if I revert to a 6 month old snapshot. I have multiple “examplevm-000000x.vmdk” files on the data store of various large sizes. Is there anyway to commit them so I go back to when my host machines were unplugged? I was thinking about doing a clone.

My back up server also died in this incident. The ideal plan was to recover the data base server without needing to restore a back up and restoring the back up server with its golden image and redoing the back ups So I only had to trouble shoot one server. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I would suggest you try and recover your backup server first. If the target is still alive and can browse to files . install the software on another machine and use that to restore the vms

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