Inconsistent VMRC behaviour after Chrome 77.0.3865.75 upgrade

I have two Win10 1903 workstations that access my lab and use either web or VMRC ( consoles on occasion.

Last week both received a Chrome update to 77.0.3865.75, and afterward one of the workstations started issuing [a prompt for VMRC connections](https://imgur.com/kXpEVxv).

Prior to this (on Chrome 76) they had both been able to launch VMRC without having to click a prompt. This prompt also doesn’t have the usual check-box to select “Always open files of this type”, so I’m not sure how or why only one workstation behaves in this way.

They both login to the same AD domain, and same Google account for Google services. But only one of the machines generates the prompt.

How can I get rid of this prompt every time I open a VMRC window? I’ve tried resetting Chrome to default settings and removing/reinstalling the VMRC.

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