Installing ESXI 7.0 on NUC – do I install on USB thumb drive or ??

Have a NUC I’m installing ESXI on (brand new, figure good opportunity to learn). I installed it originally with a flash drive, and ended up installing on to the flash drive (not really intentionally).

Searching, found that this is supported, and generally “normal”? I do have two disks in the NUC, both SSDs (one 512 gig NVMe and a 256 gig SATA). It also has a SD card slot.

Why would one install on to a flash drive (other than not installing on the same datastore as VMs), and if an SD card would be suitable instead? Any recommendations for a system with the above 2 SSD setup?

My first step goal is to have a <insert random linux distro> vm to just verify things out. Eventual goal is to setup some small VMs for a Kubernetes cluster for prototyping things (work in DevOps, and trying to learn Terraform, Helm and Kubernetes), and have a small monitor for dashboards.


* [https://www.storagereview.com/review/intel-nuc-9-pro-as-an-esxi-server](https://www.storagereview.com/review/intel-nuc-9-pro-as-an-esxi-server)
* [https://www.virten.net/2017/03/vmware-homeserver-esxi-on-7th-gen-intel-nuc-kaby-lake/](https://www.virten.net/2017/03/vmware-homeserver-esxi-on-7th-gen-intel-nuc-kaby-lake/)
* [https://blog.monstermuffin.org/getting-started-with-vmwares-esxi/](https://blog.monstermuffin.org/getting-started-with-vmwares-esxi/)

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