Installing VMw Tools on Linux VM via vCSA?

Hi everyone,

Hopefully pretty easy question, but I have been going through our vCSA and upgrading all our VM’s Tools versions to the latest after upgrading our ESXi hosts from 6.0 to 6.7U3. For one Linux VM I see that VMw Tools is NOT installed. When I select to install it from within the vCSA it gives me a message saying that it will be mounting it on the VM. I came across this post concerning installing Tools on a Linux box:



Does this sound about right? Thanks everyone!

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  1. Okay, so it seems like the consensus here is to utilize open-vm-tools over the tools install/upgrade path from within vCSA. I guess I have a couple of questions from that then:

    1. if open-vm-tools is installed, can I manage that via the vCSA? As in upgrading the tools from the vCSA?
    2. if I the VM distro is Ubuntu (cli not desktop) (I don’t know the version off hand, but I can get that) am I simply running:


    apt-get install open-vm-tools (and then rebooting?)


  2. As others have stated: if your OS has an open-vm-tools package you should 100% use that. If you have follow up questions please feel free to shoot – I’m the Tech Marketing Architect for VMware Tools and guest OS operations.

    Also: if this is a desktop distro you probably also need to install open-vm-tools-desktop

  3. For all my Linux systems I use open-vm-tools rather than the ones which vCenter pushes for the past five or so years. Since making the switch I’ve had zero headaches with the software (which previously had been a huge pain point at times) and able to manage it from my repositories rather than needing to use two disparate update mechanisms.

    Some of VMware’s take on the matter:


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