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We have a streched Cluster on vSAN 6.7 U3 with a Horizon Infrastructure 7.12.

We use Instant Clones.

The streched cluster is streched through 2 rooms.

The fact is that I’m trying to test the disaster recovery plan, shuting down all the ESXi of my first room.


I saw different results and I’m not sure about the rules I have to follow with Instant Clones and HA.


In case of disaster recovery, do we have to enable HA on the cluster ? In my opinion, instant clones shoud be recreated by the horizon infrastructure on the second room, shoudn’t it ? So we should not need to enable HA on the cluster ?


We enabled HA on our cluster and we saw that the VDI rebooted on the others ESXi but we observed strange behaviours, like some VMs in error state in Horizon Console….


What is the best way to have a disaster recovery plan in my case with my instant clones ? What should be the “normal” behaviour ? Recreation ? Reboot from HA ?


Thanks for your help



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