iPhone on MacOS Catalina bugged?

Hi, I’m running a MacOS Catalina (10.15.16) VM on an equal host (10.15.16) with VMWare Fusion Pro 11.5.5 (16269456).

I never had any issues up to I think 10.15.15, but ever since installing the 10.15.16 version, there are two problems:
1.) VMWare Fusion no longer asks which device I want to connect the iPhone to (host or VM). The USB setting is “Always ask”, but it simply connects it to the host and that’s it. No questions asked.
2.) The iPhone can no longer be used in the VM, even after manually connecting it to the VM. It doesn’t show up in the Finder nor can XCode see it. It does show up in System Information under USB:
Productcode: 0x12a8
Fabrikantcode: 0x05ac (Apple Inc.)
Versie: 8.04
Serienummer: *snip*
Snelheid: Maximaal 480 Mb/s
Fabrikant: Apple Inc.
Locatiecode: 0x01810000 / 5
Beschikbare stroom (mA): 500
Extra stroom in werking (mA): 0

What I’ve tried: changing USB-compatibility mode from USB2 to USB3.1. No joy. Tried another cable for the heck of it, but that’s no joy either. Tried another iPhone: no joy.

I’m suspecting there may be a change in the latest Catalina build that VMWare simply hasn’t been made compatible with/haven’t released an update for, but all the same: maybe someone else ran in to the same problem with 10.15.16 and figured out what the solution is. 🙂

-edit- Before I cause confusion: when connected to the host, the iPhone’s do show up in Finder and XCode and can interact. It’s only a problem in the VMWare VM.

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