IPv6 troubleshooting on ESXi 5.5

Trying to troubleshoot a small issue. ESXi 5.5 deploying Server 2008. We use an automated script and for some reason when I deploy my domain controller it is pinging in IPv6 and registering AAAA records in DNS. IPv6 was disabled before starting but went ahead and did the esxcli network ip set –ipv6-enabled=false and restarted and left work with the script deploying my domain controller. Curious if enabling/disabling IPv6 have any effect on a default NIC for the VM or if I need to be troubleshooting elsewhere. I’m picking up someone else’s mess on this so trying to just figure out a good point to TS. I’ve done other decks using same scripts without any issue and this is a first for me.

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  1. Disable IPv6 on the VM if you really don’t want IPv6. Otherwise, 2008 will use both, so should be registering IPv4 addresses if you are handing them out/assigning them statically. Definitely not a VMware issue.

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