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I’m trying to use VMware Workstation 12.1.1 to connect to an IPv6 network over my wireless card in order to test some things.  Does this even work?


I found a really old thread from 2008 saying that it didn’t and there was a bug report: IPv6+Bridged+Wireless

But that was 8 years ago.  Has this been fixed?


What I’m doing is setting up VMnet0 (the bridge) to connect only to my wireless card (i.e. not auto-bridging).  SLAAC and DHCPv6 work fine on the Windows 7 64-bit host.  It’s also worth noting they work fine in VirtualBox guests that bridge to wireless.


But in the VMware Linux guest, which is set up for SLAAC, following happens:

  • The guest appears to be able to get correct IPv6 addresses via SLAAC.
  • It can ping the host.
  • It can resolve www.google.com
  • But it cannot ping www.google.com.  If I run “ping6 www.google.com” all the packets are lost.


Everything works fine over IPv4; it’s just IPv6 that seems to have trouble.


Also, everything works fine over the LAN connection, including IPv6.  It’s just wireless that has trouble.  But LAN is not very nice to use on a laptop.

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