Is anyone familiar with Intelligent Hub? I was wondering if newer versions of Intelligent Hub allow users to manually remove their profile from the phone like the older versions?

I work at a Service Desk that uses Intelligent Hub, we have our documentation that dates back to Android 4 and 5 respectively and dates back to when it was called AirWatch.


Not sure if anyone can help be since the newer versions of the software allow you to press a button within the device’s and enrollment tabs to unenroll yourself from the service, is it still possible to manually remove the profile before uninstallling the app from the device?

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  1. It has to be enabled at the Organization Level (or Globally).

    `Settings -> Devices & Users -> Android -> Intelligent Hub Settings -> Block User Unenrollment` **[Disabled]**

    Gotta love those triple negatives, eh?

    Then you have the option on the device for:

    `Hub -> This Device -> Enrollment -> Unenroll Device`

    This will also remove the ‘Google for Business’ Profile.

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