Is it possible to replicate in reverse with Horizon View 7?

I have two view servers, one is a replica of the other. The master crashed last night and when it came up it shows all VMs as agent unreachable. The replica server is still working fine and servicing logins.

Is it possible for me to replicate from the replica to the master to get it back in sync? I don’t want to force replication and end up replicating the bad configuration on the master.

Edit: In troubleshooting, it seems the servers flipped roles somehow and the replica is now the master.

Edit2: I ended up creating a new server and replicating to the good one which resolved this issue.

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  1. View doesn’t really care who is master/slave once replication has finished for the first time. A “replica” installation of View configures the installation so that it doesn’t install a new connection server as an independent one and instead tells the new CS instance to replicate from whichever CS you choose.

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