Is it possible to setup remote access to ESXi?

Super dumb question here. I have a separate piece of hardware that I want to install ESXi and then install some VM’s on top of. During the process I need to create screenshots of both the ESXi and VM setup process.

Online I see people do similar things taking screenshots of ESXi. How do I do this? My current setup is a Windows laptop, docking station (WD19), and an ultrawide monitor. Do I have any options to use external hardware but have remote access to ESXi from my Windows laptop? I am open to buying hardware if needed, but curious what are my options for this?

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  1. Those screen shots are probably taken using iLo, drac or rmm. In some cases it’s being loaded into VMware workstation to grab those initial screenshots.

    See if your existing hardware supports any of the 3 remote out of hand management platforms (HPe, Dell, IBM).

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