Is there any way to find a 1 server/personal use for ESXI?

I’m trying to load a server OS onto a microserver (HPE), but the only one that works is ESXI (because it has an ISO I can use). Ubuntu server doesn’t have the right drivers to start VM’s, and Windows won’t see my hard drive (but will see other HDD’s). So that leaves me with ESXI – but the $625 price tag is TOUGH to swallow, considering I can get a 1 use for windows server for around $50.


Am I overlooking something? I would like a type 1 hypervisor software, so ESXI seems to fit the bill. I’m fairly new ,but want to learn!

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  1. If you just need it for basic use, use the free version. vSphere ESXi reverts to a free version after the trial period if you don’t enter a license.

  2. You can get a free license for ESXi that will give you the core functionality you’re looking for. The advanced parts of ESXi require a license (vmotion, high availability, etc..).

  3. Hi, a quick Google seems to suggest you indeed can install Ubuntu on a Microserver, If I where you I would dig a little deeper and try to get Ubuntu with Docker running. ESXi with VMs is nice, but each VM uses alot of resources compared to Docker. I guess it comes down to what kind of workloads you want to run.

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