iSCSI Device Connected but no LUN after reboot???

Howdy –


Connected to two blades, sharing the same datastore.

Blade A – Working Fine

Blade B – Was working fine, rebooted, device shows connected , no datastore though? Reconfigured iscsi adapter numerous times, I see the MSA showing discovered yes, then no, then yes, then no, then yes, and stays yes, but if I rescan, refresh, I never see the datastore, I went through and killed out the old config and reset from a vmware article to change my initiator ID from the vsphere side, redid everything, same problem, see the device connected, proper size etc, but no datastore… On the one that IS working it says access single, not sure if I noticed that before or not? But this was never an issue, I’m not sure if my vsphere/vcenter setup is jacked, or the MSA is jacked up? I’m ready to pay for per incident support, but don’t want it to be a one liner fix and be like REALLY…


Anyone have any ideas? I have moved all of my important production VMs out of this datastore entirely to a separate vcenter in case I blow this datastore up some how… I’m headwalling for the past 2 days. Any tips or thoughts wouldl be great, if not I guess to per incident support I go.


Thanks all

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