iSCSI / VMKernel routing issue? Very strange.

I have a host that is routing iSCSI traffic over its management interface and I can’t seem to track down why. Its sister host with the exact same configuration uses the correct interfaces and has no issues.

Management is 10.3.11.x/24

SAN Data subnets:





And the IPs in the datastore paths are all showing as 10.3.250/251 but ALL datastore traffic is going out the VMKernel on 10.3.1.x

I checked the vmkernel route table and it looks fine and can’t for the life of me figure out why its routing out that VMKernel.

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  1. assuming your using software iscsi….going from memory of the screens:

    under the software iscsi adapater settings, check the network port binding area to make sure the correct adapter/kernels are listed here.

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