ISO from mounted hard disk…?

Can someone direct me to an option to create an *.iso from a hard disk I mounted.

~Back story, I’ve been refurbing machines at work with new ssd’s and keep the old hard drives in-case employees forget to transfer files. It has only happened once but it was a real pain to find the original machine to get the hard drive to load ( I tried searching thru the hard disk after mounting it in my station but had no luck , it was faster to just mount it in the original machine and boot.)

With all that being said, what’s a good software option to make an *.iso from a mounted hard disk on my bench ?.. for clarification, My bench is running windows 10 and I’ve just added it (the old hard disk) as a **spare drive**.

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  1. Why would you make it an ISO?

    Why not vmdk/vhdx?

    Either format you can just mount into/onto a vm

    Disk2vhd is a free Microsoft tool

    A vhdx give you to advantage of being able to store it anywhere (usb drive/FileShare/etc and mount it anywhere on any windows machine (VM or physical)

  2. It would be better if you just copied the required files from the hard drive to a share on the NAS. Things like the users profile (documents, desktop, etc) you don’t need to keep their windows installation and program files etc

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