Issue with ESXi 6.7 U3 Dell cutomized image.


I have deployed Esxi 6.7 U3 on Dell r640 and its slow and also while deploying new machines the keyboard and mouse some times give up. I was deploying Ubuntu machine and I gone through few instalaltion steps and then the keyboard and mouse stopped working. One old machine just stuck on boot.

I read about Openmanage issue on 6.7 but I dont have that package.

Anyone seen simialr issue?



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  1. Over the last 3 weeks I’ve installed the DELL 6.7u3 ISO on about 50 R640 hosts. Some new installs, some upgrades from 6.5 using VUM. I have encountered very few issues… mostly from having older HBA drivers that needed to be removed prior to the upgrade.

    You’ll need to provide more information about your setup. Is this a standalone host? Is it in a cluster? What hardware is in your R640? Is the firmware up to date? Are you using shared storage? When the keyboard and mouse give up is that on the host or the VM?

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