Issue with freezing Virtual Machine Windows Server 2k19 on ESXI


I have a problem with one of machine running on free esxi host(6.7.0 (Build 8169922)).

This VM is Domain Controller Windows 2k19, with file server rule. There are also users profile (Roaming).

Machine is working ok, since there is only few users logged in(10-20).If there is more, VM it’s totaly freezes.

Only ping is working, but all services are down, even after connection to console i can not do nothing (untill hard restart).

I checked logs on VM and host but there are ok. I only see that if machine is freeze ESXI showing 0 for CPU and Memory.

Now i replaced VMXNET 3 network card to E1000 and waiting for some test results.

What else i can try? Do you have some ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Host parameters:

VM Tools ver. 10.2.0 build 7253323


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  1. My guess would be storage related. Keep an eye on the storage performance around the time of the drop off. You may see either a sudden spike in usage or a complete drop off as it fails to access the devices.

    Is the storage local or network shared?

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