Issue with VCSA

Trying to update the vCenter appliance in my homelab. Currently at, with everything working.
After installing updates to, the HTML5 client just stops working. I can get the login screen and login, but then it just sits forever with the loading animation.
Flex client continues to work, and no issues logging in to the VCSA management.
SSH to vCenter and check services; all running fine. Try restarting the `vcenter-ui` service, but makes no difference. Reboot the appliance, no change.

I snapshot the appliance before updating; restore from snapshot and all is well again on 43000.
I have attempted this update at least 3 times now, with same results.

Not sure what to look at or where else to look.

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  1. It could be as simple as a browser cache issue and nothing to do with VMware. Try loading it in an incognito window, or forcing it to do a complete refresh of the page.

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