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I’m surprised no one else is experiencing these issues. We now have a load balancer in place and we’re still having problems. I’m guessing this has to do with how the pods are configured, although we had tickets opened to validate our environment and everything is configured the way It should be.


The connection servers and CPA are configured like this:


Connection server 1 – primary on Pod 1

Connection server 2 – primary on Pod 2

Connection server 3 – replica of Connection server 1 on Pod 1

Connection server 4 – replica of Connection server 2 on Pod 2


We have exactly the same pools on each environment in Pod 1 and 2.

“Hospital x”, “Hospital y” etc. and they have the same amount of virtual machines available, all configured in non-persistent linked-clones.


We have a pod federation with 2 pods, “Pod 1” and “Pod 2”. Both pods are part of the same site, “Hospitals”.


The global entitlements for each pools are configured like this:

Connection server restrictions: None

Scope: All sites

User assignement: Floating

Use Home site: Disabled

Automatically clean up redundant sessions: Enabled

Allow users to reset/restart their machines: Disabled

Allow user to initiate seperate sessions from different client devices: No

Client Restrictions: Disabled.


The main issue is that when a user tries to reconnect to his disconnected session, some times the user ends up starting a new session on the other pod, instead of connecting to the one he had in the first place. So he ends up with one session on each pod. Are the connections servers from pod 1 and 2 talking to each other at all or are they just starting up connections to virtual machines withing their pod?

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