Issues upgrading VCSA 6.5 to 6.7

I am trying to upgrade vCenter SA 6.5u3 (build 13873064) to 6.7.0b (build 8832884). I am using the Windows GUI installer. When I choose an ESXi server as the target for the install, I cannot proceed as no network interfaces are found; documentation says this is because non-ephemeral distributed virtual port groups are not supported and indeed in the log file I see “filterd out non-ephemeral dvPortgroup” and no networks are shown. All of my switches / port-groups are the distributed kind.

I read that I can instead choose the vCenter server itself as the target to install (and I assume it would then create the VM on one of the vSpheres) but at step 4, Application deployment target, after I enter the vCenter server information and click NEXT I get the following error:

“The host is locked down. Permission to perform this operation was denied.”

AFAIK vCenter is in no way ‘locked down’. SSH is enabled and I am able to login via SSH with the credentials I give it for root.


The VCSA installer log reports the following:

`info: initializing vsphere API connection to vcenter.lan.local:443`

`2020-02-19T09:28:59.659Z – info: vimService apiType: VirtualCenter, version: 6.5.0`

`2020-02-19T09:28:59.659Z – debug: Logging in to vcenter.lan.local:443 as root`

`2020-02-19T09:28:59.807Z – error: Failed to login to vcenter.lan.local:443 as root: ServerFaultCode: Permission to perform this operation was denied.`

Keep in mind however that in other areas of the log, successful login to the vcenter.lan.local was logged including in the early steps where the server was logged into.


Anyone have any idea what’s happening here? Also is there anyway to have this work with distributed switches?


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