Issues with account registration on vmware.com?

Okay I can’t believe I’m having issues with something so simple. I registered for an account for the free version of ESXi, and it had me type in a captcha to verify my email. I clicked the link and it made me do the same thing again. I gave up that night after doing the captcha multiple times and tried again tonight. Now when I try to login it asks for the captcha but I can sit and enter it dozens of times and it doesn’t send the verification email. I’m unsure where to go and have no idea how to reach support with this. Any ideas or anyone with similar issues?


Edit: So I was gonna delete this post but in case anyone else has this issue, I had to clear my cache and cookies in my browser to send the verification email. Then when I clicked the activate now, it brought back the captcha again to resend that same email. You have to clear your cache and cookies *again* and then you can click the activate button in the email.

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