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So I currently am using a desktop with 3 monitors and are trying to use VMware horizon client to access work related material however it is only using one monitor instead of all three. What is really confusing me is that sometimes it works for a dual setup, but it never works for all 3. I haven’t been able to diagnose what could possibly be the problem and all of the similar posts I have read haven’t given me a solution either. Below is details about my setup and symptoms. If you need anything else to help me diagnose the problem please let me know and I will get it to you as quickly as possible.


VMware horizon client (5.30 build – 15208953) does not utilize all of my monitors consistently every time I log in. It chooses what appears to be a random monitor as the “main display”. This never matches the main display on my current setup. The other two screens are blacked-out, mouse can travel across them and the drop down bar at the top it shown on what is my main display in normal use.

Relevant Info

Using VMware Blast!

All monitors are the same model and set to same resolution

Display setting is set to “All-Monitors”

All display thumbnails are selected (have tried deselecting all as well)

Video Driver is up-to-date Radeon RX 550

All monitors are reporting using the same video driver

OS: Windows 10 Home (1903 – 18362.535)

Have tried to repair installation of client software

Tried using PCoIP, did not help


Any help that can be offered would be great! If only one monitor stays consistently usable than working from home becomes nonexistent lol.

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