Kinda OT: Has anyone taken DEA-64T1? (its one of two tests for VxRail Implementation Engineer)

IMHO, this entire test is about 75% Dell marketing ideology propaganda and many/most of the questions have largely arbitrary answers (“A company is on its way to a digital transformation….”).

I’ve done all the online courses for this test and I’m running into ambiguous questions with apparently wrong answers in the test prep. I’ve used the test prep vendor before and found their test preps to be uncannily accurate in terms of test questions and answers, especially on those all-too-common trick questions.

But on this one I’m finding answers I think are factually wrong, but I’ve got this hall of mirrors effect where I’m wondering if some of the test prep answers are wrong because the actual test has the wrong answer as correct. I think this might even be possible given that it’s not really a “technical” subject matter test that might be given more scrutiny.

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